Special condom instead of viagra

October 2, 2017

At first it was pills, then a miracle spray, and now men with erectile dysfunction a special condom, or cialis tablets. Its creators claim that it works better than viagra.Many men have noted an erection problem just at the moment when they have to use a condom. Now they came to the aid of the company Futura Medical, which invented gum, liberally treated with a special gel. According to the manufacturer, the gel increases blood flow to the penis, and thus stimulate arousal. Initially, the gel was treated for a sore throat.

New treatment relieves BPH without side effects

August 11, 2017

Although BPH is a benign tumor, its growth can lead to urinary disorders, kidney diseases and other unpleasant consequences, says kamagra france. Urologists now, instead of surgical removal of the tumor are increasingly applying a new method of treatment.

Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), usually called BPH physicians – the disease is very common among older men. It is believed that after 50 years, at least, 50% of men begin to experience the first signs of the disease – difficulties with urination.

Cancer cells divide more actively during the day

August 9, 2017

Another discovery was made by scientists from Israel, who studied the behavior of cancer cells depending on the time of day. It turned out that during the day cancer cells are not divided equally, and at night time the rate of fission is greatly increased.

The algae was found a unique substance, cancer-fighting

August 3, 2017

Scientists from the University of Oregon, USA (University of Oregon, USA) found in seaweed substance with powerful anti-cancer properties.

Discovered in seaweed compound coibamide A blocks the interaction of cancer cells with the blood vessels and other cells of the body, which in result leads to the death of abnormal cells.