Substances found in wild mushrooms give hope for the establishment of effective cancer drugs.

British scientists from Nottingham University believe that their work will help to create an effective drug for the treatment of a wide range of cancers. Cordycepin (natural nucleoside antibiotic), commonly used in Chinese medicine were initially found in rare species of mushroom parasite that grows on caterpillars. This type of mushroom has been studied by medical researchers for a long time, the first scientific work on this subject was published in 1950.

Although cordycepin shown great promise in the treatment of cancers, it quickly loses its properties once in the body. Perhaps it can be taken in combination with other drugs, but it can cause side effects, which in turn will reduce its potential use.

Experts plan to continue to explore various cancers and the impact on them cordycepin in different conditions to get an effective and safe drug for the treatment of cancer.

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