Modern drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction is very effective, about Chom you can credits going to viagra soft - but many men, they are contraindicated because of side effects. Scientists recommend them to use delicious and healthy in all respects natural. Pulp and juice of watermelon not only contains many vitamins, but a special ingredient citrulline, which is an amino acid. It was previously shown the ability of citrulline to enhance blood flow to the myocardium, causing regular consumption of watermelon in moderation is recommended for people with heart failure. This substance also has beneficial effects on tissues with blood vessels, primarily arteries. Scientists from the University of the Italian city of Foggia (University of Foggia) found that regular consumption of this component of watermelon juice for men suffering from impotence in mild or moderate form, greatly improves blood flow to the penis and helps to restore erection. The researchers invited to participate in the experiment, 24 men, whose average age was 57 years. All participants of the quality of erection on a scale of Erection Hardness Score was 3 points out of 4 possible. During the first month of the study, all participants took a placebo and on the second month, the drug L-citrulline. After the first month improving the quality of erections from 3 points to 4 were observed only in 2 men out of 24 (the placebo effect), while after a month of taking citrulline of such improvement reported by 12 participants, i.e. 50%. In addition, the intake of the amino acid has contributed to the increase in the number of sexual acts during the month. "Although the therapeutic effect of citrulline and not so pronounced as in medicines (sildenafil, vardenafil, and others), however, the watermelon juice has one indisputable advantage: it has no side effects," say the authors of the study.

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