Experts have found that vitamin a (or its natural equivalent – retinoic acid) reduces the degree of inflammation in the intestine.

As you know, the development of malignant tumors in the colon are closely associated with the presence of inflammation in the body, and inflammatory disorders such as ulcerative colitis, increases the likelihood of developing cancer.

Scientists from Stanford University, USA (Stanford University, USA) conducted a series of experiments on mice with colon cancer. They found that the level of retinoids in the intestine of diseased animals was very low. Therapy with retinoic acid was stopped the progression of tumor led to normalization of the tissue.

While this treatment prevented the processes of metastasis in rodents. Scientists have also found that animals with colon cancer with high levels of protein that breaks down retinoic acid, the disease usually has a poor outcome.

Specialists have already received the first encouraging results with the tissue samples of real patients. They hope that further studies can help in the development of new effective methods of treatment of malignant tumors of the colon.

Experts also note that therapy with retinoids can be effectively used not only to combat already existing disease, but also prophylactically to patients with a high risk.

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