Unique medical device was recently presented to the American scientists. This device is intended to deal with all types of brain cancer.

Visually, the device looks like a cap, wear it in the head constantly, around the clock in this device all the time affects malignancy in the brain, hindering its development.

The principle of operation is based on electric impulses of certain frequency that it emits with a certain interval.

These pulses affect the tumor, namely the cancer cells, whereby they cease to share. Accordingly, stops tumor growth, as proven by clinical trials.

Today in the tests involved many people, among them 71-year-old Doug, who suffers from terminal brain cancer (this form of the disease called glioblastoma and it can be confidently attributed to one of the most dangerous and intractable types of cancer of the brain). Doug, prognosis diagnosis which was that he would not live until Christmas of that year, is still alive and, moreover, his condition is improving. It relies entirely on the innovative development of the scientists, in fact it stopped the progression of the tumor.

The MRI scans are conducted every two months, and during all that time, during which the man uses the device, was not observed progression of malignant neoplasms.

Cancer cells in the patient's body using a fixture, no longer divided, and it not only stops the growth of existing tumors, but also inhibits the migration of malignant cells. As a consequence, the device stops and metastasis.

It is worth noting that such a device can be used for patients with cervical cancer of all types, regardless of age and sex of patients does not exist. In addition, the use of the device requires no special training, and to use the fixture as simple as possible and relatively comfortable.

Scientists are conducting further experiments and trials, enhancing the efficiency of the equipment. It is planned that in the very near future the device will get wide distribution, which will allow you to beat brain cancer, avoiding surgical intervention. The advantage of this method also lies in its harmlessness and safety for the patient.

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