Eating a spicy curry may help in fight against breast cancer, say the authors of a new study. Active ingredient burning substances, such as chilli, suppresses the growth of aggressive breast tumors, was found by scientists from Ruhr University in Germany. We are talking about compound called capsaicin.

Currently, chemotherapy is the only treatment option for most aggressive forms of breast cancer. The experts conducted tests in cell cultures designed to replicate triple-negative breast cancer. Capsaicin was added to them for hours every day.

Experts have discovered that this caused the activation of the TRPV1 receptor is associated with breast cancer, which allowed to destroy tumor cells in large quantities. In addition, capsaicin has broken the ability of cells to move and spread throughout the body.

Scientists say that if they manage to activate the TRPV1 receptor specific drugs, it may represent a new approach to treatment of aggressive breast cancer.

Previously, it was found that capsaicin can bind with cell membranes, but in high enough doses, it destroys the membrane, forcing cancer cells to commit "suicide".

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