Scientists from the University of Oregon, USA (University of Oregon, USA) found in seaweed substance with powerful anti-cancer properties.

Discovered in seaweed compound coibamide A blocks the interaction of cancer cells with the blood vessels and other cells of the body, which in result leads to the death of abnormal cells.

Experts note that in medical practice today, there is no cure, which has similar properties.

The resulting research experimental data showed the efficiency of use of coibamide A in the fight against one of the most intractable forms of cancer – triple-negative breast cancer, as well as with the most common and aggressive brain tumor - glioblastoma.

Experts specify that we are talking about blue-green algae, called cyanobacteria. This group of algae found off the coast of South Africa and in the Red sea, and typically grows on rocks in areas with fast moving water.

Currently further research is being done compound coibamide A. Scientists hope that the work in this direction will lead to the development of new, more sophisticated ways of dealing with breast cancer and brain tumors that are traditionally considered difficult to treat.

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