An experimental treatment offered today by scientists from Italy, while that sounds like science fiction, though there is some reason to assume that in their approach, giving hope to patients with multiple metastases, there is a logic...

Specialists from the Institute of fundamental physics in Trento proposed to approach the issue of treatment of cancer thoroughly. They believe that the immersion of cancer patients in the hibernate mode, that is, in a deep sleep hypothetically could slow their metabolism, which in turn can halt the spread of tumors in the tissues and increase the body's resistance to radiation.

Previous studies involving rats showed that the induction of hibernation by cooling their bodies to 15 to 19 degrees Celsius not only slowed the metabolism of animals, but also increases their resistance to radiotherapy.

The study's authors believe that the same approach may work for patients in 4th stage of cancer, whose tumor has spread to ordinary methods of treatment too wide. However, while what is required to develop drugs that help to induce hibernation.

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