People are able to influence genes through the skin, which means opening soon means from skin cancer, psoriasis and other diseases in the form of creams, according to researchers from northwestern University in Illinois.

During researches scientists have discovered a way to deliver short interfering RNA (siRNA) into cells. The penetration of siRNA leads to the fact that in the cells is changing the way of reading genes, explained by experts.

Were used in the experiment gold nanoparticles. These particles are coated siRNA to create so-called associations of nanoparticles with the nucleic acid. Further, millions of these particles, implemented in ordinary face cream and was applied to the skin of rodents.

The purpose of this cream was the suppression of the activity of the gene of the receptor of epidermal growth factor (EGFR). This gene affects the risk of developing melanoma. After the mice were put three times a week for three weeks, the gene expression of EGFR decreased by 65%. In theory, the way to really regulate any genes, including those responsible for skin aging.

However, at this stage the introduction of nanoparticles in the cosmetic industry is also a concern, as yet not studied the possible side effects, and nobody knows what happens if particles get into the human bloodstream.

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