Scientists have invented an innovative method of treatment of skin cancer, which allows patients to live at least twice as long after treatment than other today offer even the most effective methods of treatment.

Today, on average, in the detection of melanoma at later stages the average projected period that separates the patient from death, equal to nine months. With a new drug called Vemurafenib that figure increased to sixteen months. This medicine, however, is not suitable for all patients with skin cancer, and only about 50%, at which its development is triggered by a specific mutation of a specific gene. Despite the fact that the achievement of the scientists at first glance looks quite modest, you should understand that Vemurafenib is the first truly effective cure for cancer, invented in the last ten years.

The drug is already approved for use in the U.S., Australia, EU and several other countries. As emphasized by the developers of a new drug, it is not about healing, but only to extend the lives of cancer patients. However, preliminary tests of the drug does not contradict the concurrent use of the most current methods of treatment of patients. This can be very effective because the extremely low survival rate among patients with this kind of cancer diseases is largely associated with a rather rapid progression of the disease, which kills people in just a few months. Now it is quite possible was the development of methods of therapy that will be focused on longer duration of time, and because doctors in their design, respectively, will have greater options.

A new drug in the final study were tested on 132 people in the US and Australia, virtually each of them is thanks to him got a few extra months of life. According to scientists Vemurafenib very little effect on cancer itself, but seriously slows down the process of metastasis, i.e. the spread of the disease across the human body.

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