Today, the death rate from colon cancer in a number of cancer-related deaths is on the 2nd place women and 3rd place in men.

Classical chemotherapy used to treat colon cancer, in many cases, does not give the desired effect and has, in addition, serious side effects such as anemia, neurotoxicity, coronary artery spasm, urination disorders, immunosuppression, etc.

Chinese scientists from the University in XI'an conducted laboratory studies that have proven that contained in the polysaccharides of apples killed up to 46% of malignant cells in colon cancer. This result far exceeds the effect of the use of the most commonly used drugs in chemotherapy. It is extremely important that the oligosaccharide is a natural compound, which, unlike toxic chemotherapy drugs not only cause side effects, but even enhance health.

The study authors used for their experiments apples is a natural product and one of the most popular and favorite fruits in many countries that have already demonstrated their antitumor properties in previous studies (when exposed to tumors of the liver, lung, breast cancer, ovarian). The researchers took into account the fact that the obtaining of oligosaccharides from Apple pomace, which is a waste in the production of Apple juice will cost quite cheap.

Chinese scientists have obtained from Apple pomace pectin, and other fibers (polysaccharides), and then treated them with natural pectinase to separate molecules of polysaccharides into smaller oligosaccharides. The thus obtained oligosaccharides were added at various concentrations to cultured cells of colon cancer. The effects of oligosacharides on cancer cells was compared with the effect of the chemotherapy drugs most commonly used to treat this cancer.

It turned out that for all tested concentrations of oligosaccharides was effective chemotherapy drugs to stimulate the process of apoptosis (programmed death of cancer cells). Because the Apple oligosaccharides are absolutely non-toxic to healthy cells, they can be used for therapy in much higher concentrations than chemical drugs. At a certain concentration (of 9.0 PPM) Apple oligosaccharide has destroyed 46% of cancer cells, and chemotherapy drugs at this level just not been tested.

It should be noted that in most of the Apple juice pectin or active enzymes contains very little. This also applies to the valuable polyphenols in the juices they found only 10% of the amount contained in fresh, unprocessed fruits. This fact once again convinces us that consumption of fresh apples is much healthier than the consumption of their products (particularly juice).

A new study by Chinese scientists once again proved how powerful anti-cancer properties of oligosaccharides contained in the usual apples. The fact that oligosaccharides can be obtained from cheap raw materials (Apple pomace), gives hope in the near future, inexpensive and very effective natural medicines to help cancer patients.

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