In the treatment of prostate cancer, according to experts with vardenafil fran may apply the following methods:

  • Surgery. Surgery involves the removal of the prostate gland. The method is justified for young patients without associated pathologies, as well as with small size of tumor. As complications of this treatment option is determined impotence, but today there are special techniques sparing intervention in which there is the possibility of preserving erectile function.
  • Radiation therapy. Applicable for I-III stages of the disease. The main advantage of this variant is the possibility of complete cure, in addition, there is no need in surgical intervention, therapy is conducted in an outpatient regime. Meanwhile, disadvantages are also present, and they consist in the possible development of incontinence, onset of bleeding and diarrhea. About 60% of cases noted the relevance of impotence.
  • Brachytherapy. Method in recent years is fairly common in the treatment of cancer. It involves the introduction into the tissue of the prostate of radioactive sources. Treatment can be achieved fairly good results, and it is – with less side effects.
  • Hormone therapy.
  • Orchiectomy (bilateral). Implies the procedure of removing the testicles. It is used in cases when the tumor cannot be removed, and then, when there are distant metastases. The level of male sex hormones due to this method of treatment can be reduced to 95%.
  • As for predictions for cancer, particularly after surgery, there has been an almost 80% survival. About 60-80% of patients live about 5 years after radiotherapy. In case of occurrence of alarming symptoms that could indicate a possible prostate cancer, should without delay be sent for consultation to specialists such as urologist and oncologist.
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