Between cancer cells and healthy cells is "communication": this allows the tumor to spread. Violation of this bioelectric signaling may be an effective method of treatment of cancer.

Scientists using light, learned to control electrical signals in cells. It is known that the movement of ions into or out of cells are formed by electrical signals, when these ion channels open in response to certain stimuli. The use of optogenetics for the regulation of ion channels help to control their communication with other cells, which ultimately affects the development and spread of the tumor.

Years of research experts from tufts University, finally gave excellent results: the new method helped to stop cancer growth and even reverse it. "You can turn on the light, in this case, the blue spectrum, and after 24 hours the swelling will begin to fade" describe their experiments, the developers.

They irradiated the embryos of frogs to obtain a light-sensitive "ion channels" in cancer cells. As expected, the interrupted electrical connection between the cells proved to be a useful tool for the suppression of tumor growth. However, scientists have yet to crack the "electrical code" of cancer, to effectively break off all contacts healthy and malignant cells.

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