Recovery of potency is possible depending on age, duration of alcohol poisoning, the individual characteristics of the organism. Physicians in our time have learned to take people from the binges, there are very effective pharmaceutical and physiotherapeutic methods of cleansing the body. Also there are easy ways for reception legrest such as kamagra oral jelly ( before intercourse, but with alcohol it is better not to interfere. So the main thing you need is the desire of the man to get rid of dependence and to restore lost health. And the first thing you need to do is to completely eliminate the consumption of alcohol and even soft drinks. If you realize that suffer from alcoholism – what to do?

First of all – ask for help. If it has gone away, that alone will be difficult to cope with the consequences of intoxication and the devastating impact of alcohol on the organs and systems of the body, including the nervous system and sexual function.

Don't wait any deterioration – refer for help to drug treatment.

The sooner you consult the doctors-experts in narcology, the faster you restore your health and can restore potency. After all, even modern means to increase potency, such as Viagra or VEKTA will not help you if you can't part with the alcohol addiction that destroyed your erections.

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