Cancer, Kairak skin is one of the most common cancer. The American national Institute for cancer research says that only in USA the disease ill more than 1 million people every year. Skin cancer is most easily treatable, of course, provided that he treated and was discovered in the early stages. If skin cancer is left unattended, it can dramatically change the appearance of a man, and even lead to death.

Skin cancer can affect anyone and at any age. Such famous people as President Ronald Reagan, bill Clinton and George W. Bush was treated for skin cancer. Also, few people know that Elizabeth Taylor was also undergoing treatment for cancer of the skin. All of them managed to get rid of this disease.

Unfortunately, not all are so fortunate. Musician Bob Marley died in 1981 after melanoma struck his body. Melanoma is the most terrible form of cancer.

The main cause of skin cancer is ultraviolet emitted by the sun. The light and heat coming from the sun changes the chemical composition of the skin. If the human body receives too much ultraviolet radiation, it can significantly increase the risk of skin cancer.

Anyone can get cancer of the skin. A particularly large risk of getting this disease are people who have light skin, eyes and hair. The former sunburn and skin cancer in relatives increases the risk of this disease.

But not only the sun emits ultraviolet radiation, tanning also guilty in this. Many people think that they look better when their skin looks tanned and tanning is carried out in a long time, hoping to give your skin a darker shade.

As mentioned above, melanoma is very dangerous, it can even appear in places on the body where the sun rays almost do not fall. Melanoma usually develops in moles and looks like a small dark patch of skin with a strange shape. This phase may be flat or elevated. Always pay attention to the color and the bumps on the moles.

Melanoma most often suffer white men aged 50 years. Without early treatment, melanoma can develop very quickly. Every year, more than 50 thousand people in Russia learn they have melanoma, about half of them die.

The sooner skin cancer is detected, the easier it is to treat, so doctors advise people to examine his body from head to toe every month.

It is important to know the early signs of cancer to detect them in early stages. In the first place should pay attention to changes in color, thickness and structure of the skin. Examination by a specialist is also very important. See a doctor if your moles begin to bleed, increase in size by more than six millimeters or you feel as if you rubbed them. If such signs are present - consult a doctor immediately.

Remember look at your skin, it will help you to quickly notice any changes. Some doctors suggest to photograph their moles, and then compare photos over time.

In the early stages of melanoma is removed surgically, but if the melanoma has already spread, in this case, use special medicines and radiation therapy to kill cancer cells. In addition, now use such methods of treatment like gene therapy or remove affected fingers and toes. They also use immunotherapy to improve the body's resistance.

To protect your body from sunlight is important throughout the year, not just summer. Solar UV radiation can affect your body even in cloudy weather. During the summer months most dangerous period between 11 p.m. and 5 PM.

Ultraviolet light can affect skin in just 15 minutes, what would have happened, you need to use sunglasses, hats and clothing with long sleeves for sun protection. The thicker the clothes the better it protects from ultraviolet radiation. At the same time, it should be remembered, if the clothing is wet or stretched, it misses quite a lot of ultraviolet light.

Buy and wear sunglasses that block ultraviolet light, also apply sunscreen before you go outside, even in cold and cloudy weather. Apply a thin layer of sunscreen on all skin that will be exposed to the sun. Children older than 6 months can already apply sunscreen. Newborns should not be exposed to the sun.

You should also avoid tanning beds. A lot of young people aged 13 to 18 years visit the Solarium. Unfortunately, this increases the development of melanoma by 75%.

A recent study was conducted, in which took part more than 70 thousand people. The survey showed that 80% of people do not think about the consequences of tanning, and think of skin cancer they will never have. In addition, the study showed that about 60% of people said that in General, tanning is good for health.

Another study was conducted among 400 girls attending University, and who use the Solarium. This study also showed that girls are not concerned about the risk of skin cancer, they are more concerned about early wrinkles that are the result of sunburn. Based on these data, the researchers concluded that young girls are easier to dissuade from visiting tanning salons telling them about the wrinkles than talking about the dangers of cancer.

In conclusion, it should be said that a small amount of sunlight is necessary for the human body. It promotes the production of vitamin D , but this should not be abused.

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