According to a new study, organized by group of scientists from the University of Colorado grape seed extract very efficiently to deal with cancers of the head and neck by blocking certain processes of repair, restoration and reproduction, which is vital for cancer cells.

According to the official statistics, millions of people worldwide currently suffer from cancer of the head and neck, and more than 12 thousand people this year will die from these species smertelnaya disease only in the USA.

According to scientists, regular consumption of red grapes or red grape seed extract could be an important ally in the fight against cancer. According to a study conducted on mice in the case of certain types of cancer, mainly in the field of head and neck, contained within these products polyphenols that reduce the growth of tumors by 67%, which is fairly high. In some cases, even regression of the disease. The fact is that the use of extracts of grape seed creates a generally unfavorable environment for the growth and multiplication of cancer cells as according to modern views on the theory of cancer, in that case, if the cancer cell for a long time is not able to multiply in the usual way, it dies.

According to the researchers, cancer cells from a certain point of view, are substantially more vulnerable compared to normal cells. And at a certain metabolic effect (literally, if you block their access to certain media) they become incapable of existence, as paradoxical as this statement may sound from the point of view of all the past years of unsuccessful struggle against various forms of cancer. Experts advise to consume 150 mg. grape seed extract a day to all patients with cancer – in addition they improve the cognitive functions of the brain, and scientists can also be used for prevention of various diseases, like dementia, and possibly even cancer – although this is still only a hypothesis, has not found its confirmation in the studies.

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