From time to time you can meet the claim that regular use of deodorants, having in its composition aluminum, increases the risk of developing breast cancer. Based on what these opinions are and is it fair?

The results of recent studies have shown the presence of substances which when injected in human body can mimic the functions of estrogen in the body or join with him in the interaction. As a rule, complex organic molecules, but there are among these substances and some metals, including aluminium and cadmium.

As you know, estrogen-like compounds have the ability to provoke the regeneration of healthy breast cells to malignant cells. In most deodorants and antiperspirants contain liquid containing aluminum. It aluminum salts help to limit the secretion of sweat to the skin surface. When applying deodorant on the skin (usually in areas adjacent to the area of the breast) ions of the metal to freely enter the body.

Aluminium, also present in water and soil, is absorbed by the food. However, the small amount of metal that enters the body is almost completely removed together with urine.

In several surveys (in particular, the work of Dr. Chris Exley from Keele University) in recent years in two groups of women with breast cancer, was discovered elevated levels of aluminum in the tissues of the body. However, the specialists of the National Cancer Institute in the United States argue that these studies are not sufficient proof of a connection between in antiperspirants metal and breast cancer. Why?

First, the studies involved too few women (20), which makes it impossible to consider the findings reliable. Second, the amount of aluminum in breast tissue in women was too different to draw any conclusions. Thirdly, there is no evidence that aluminium was in the breast tissue of these women is from deodorants. In addition, the study does not prove the existence of a relationship between the presence of aluminium in tissues and the appearance of the tumor.

To explore the possible link between the use of deodorants and the appearance of the cancer process in the mammary gland was conducted another large-scale study. It was attended by a large group of women of different ages (20 to 74 years). The result of the study showed that women who regularly use deodorants had a higher risk of developing breast cancer than others.

Today experts in health and experts dealing with the problem of occurrence of cancer in humans, recognize there is no credible link between the use of antiperspirants and breast cancer was not found. Neither epidemiological nor the experimental data in defense of a theory about the link between deodorants and breast cancer no. All the components of substances of antiperspirants are thoroughly tested in accordance with strict standards for their safety for the body.

Studies conducted in recent years, can reduce the concern of many that the use of such hygiene products as deodorants increases the risk of developing breast cancer.

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