Immunotherapy is one of the most progressive approaches in Oncology. However, recent studies show that drugs that stimulate the immune system and can kill cancer cells, at the same time can accelerate the spread of the disease. We are talking about the use of inhibitors of PD-1..

Clinical studies reveal the ability of the inhibitors to promote cancer due to the occurrence of rare genetic changes. Probably drugs activate the proteins from class of growth factors. And they are already warmed up tumor growth. In addition, inhibitors of PD-1 there are other unpleasant side effects. But they are less expressed than in other methods of treatment, making immunotherapy in General is quite attractive.

By the way, according to cancer center Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Centre, almost two thirds of the mutations that cause cancer, due to errors in copying DNA. While cancer can develop even in ideal conditions, says geneticist Bert Vogelstein.

Insights voiced given transcripts of genes and cancer research from 69 countries. Vogelstein helped mathematician Christian Tomasetti. Together they proved that random errors in DNA play a more important role in cancer development than previously thought. The calculation data were taken 32 different types of cancer. It appeared, 66% of the mutations in tumours were caused by mistakes in copying. 29% were caused by lifestyle and environmental factors. 5% assumed heredity.

Random errors occur every time a cell divides and copies DNA into two new cells. And almost none of these mutations cannot be prevented. The study has raised questions among some oncologists, claiming that most cancers is still caused by wrong lifestyle, environment or heredity.

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