Another discovery was made by scientists from Israel, who studied the behavior of cancer cells depending on the time of day. It turned out that during the day cancer cells are not divided equally, and at night time the rate of fission is greatly increased.

Such conclusions were made on the basis of studies conducted empirically, and the researchers considered working at the same time two receptors of cells. One of the receptors responsible for liaison with the hormone glucocorticoid, epidermal growth factor.

That is, the second receptor is responsible for activating growth and movement of cells in the body. It should be noted that these hormones control not only healthy, but also cancer cells in the body.

In the study, laboratory mice were used. The animals were divided into four separate groups, each groups received the drugs from cancer at different times of the day. So, the first group of laboratory mice were taking medications in the morning, second day, respectively, the third group received the drug in the evening, and the fourth night.

The results of the study clearly indicated that the latter group of mice receiving the drugs in the night time, better perceived treatment, the effectiveness of therapy was significantly higher.

Drug formula for all groups were identical, differed only in the time of day at which the animals took the drug, and stage of the cancer. Despite the differences, the results were uniform – rendered in a night medical care has always proven to be more productive.

So, was the relationship between effectiveness of treatment and the time of day in which it was conducted. Scientists have now recommended to use the acquired experience and to take medications at night – it enhances the effectiveness of treatment several times.

Currently, research is underway on other methods of cancer treatment in conjunction with performing them at certain times of the day. Preliminary results of the study also indicate that treatment of cancer is best done at night.

Israeli scientists continue to work on the study of the treatment of cancer, now the tests will be conducted on humans to confirm the validity of the findings.

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