American scientists have proposed a new treatment for brain cancer – skorpioni poison, coupled with a radioactive isotope of iodine.

To create an unusual drug experts Transmolecular Corporation in Massachusetts has pushed the unique property of one of the proteins comprising the venom of the yellow Israeli Scorpion. It turned out that the protein has the ability to communicate with cells of glioma – the most common type of brain cancer.

This property scorpionic poison scientists used to deliver a radioactive substance that is detrimental to cells, to cancer. With this purpose were synthesized drug TM-601 — artificial protein of venom of the Scorpion, to which was attached the radioactive isotope iodine-131.

Currently in the US continues tests of new funds, which involved 54 patients. If successful, the new treatment will be included in the Arsenal of tools to combat one of the most aggressive forms of cancer.

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