A new study conducted at the medical research Institute Feinstein, showed that mebendazole (an anthelmintic drug) is able to cope with certain types of brain cancer, including glioma, low-grade. The main methods of treatment of this cancer are surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy..

Previous studies have shown that mebendazole can assist you with your glioma. The experts decided to check it out. Scientists have discovered that mebendazole destroying tumor cells as well as vincristine (a drug used for the treatment of brain cancer). Vincristin not penetrate the blood-brain barrier and has serious side effects.

In the study, mebendazole has successfully slowed the growth of glioma, and vincristine — no. The researchers say that, vincristine is usually used in combination with other treatments. This is probably why it is mistakenly considered effective. Further studies will show whether mebendazole to replace vincristine.

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