As it became known, certain medications hair loss men lead to impotence. To avoid this take cialis. So the desire to preserve the hair on the head to pay dearly. One of the most effective drugs against baldness is the drug finasteride, which prevents the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone. Initially it's a cure for baldness was focused on the prevention of prostatitis, because it reduces the inflammation of the prostate. In addition, the drug is considered to be one of the best means of prevention from prostate cancer. But studies show that some healthy young people become victims of impotence and decreased sexual desire right after stop taking finasteride. This puts them in a state of depression. Such information is contained in different medical studies and lawsuits filed in the United States and Canada. In 1992, the Office for control of medicines and foods of the USA has approved finasteride and its derivatives (finast, proscar, etc.) for therapy of the pancreas. In 1997, the drug "Propecia" on the basis of finasteride was approved for the treatment of the male alopecia pattern baldness. In the first case, it is recommended to take 5 mg per day, the second 1 mg. Although rare side effects of these drugs have been noted at the conference of urologists, talking about potentially irreversible complications like impotence, never came. In the March issue of the journal of Sexual Medicine placed the results of the research of Dr. Abdulmajid Trisha from the school of medicine, Boston University, who together with his colleagues did a review of the available scientific publications about the side effects of finasteride. It turned out that the most common disabilities are loss of libido, a decrease in the number of sperm, decreased libido, impotence and depression. And victims of this are up to 23% of men receiving finasteride, and half of the changes are irreversible.

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