We have quite a lot to talk with patients and their relatives. People are very nervous and can not immediately understand, and even more to remember all the recommendations. We started to give them it's a Xerox of memo. Now, when the Internet began to use more than half of our patients, my colleagues and I decided to put all these materials into the public domain. So there is our website website practicing oncologists.

This website helps us in our work helps our patients, and we hope will help You in the prevention and treatment of cancer. Our online magazine created by a group of practicing oncologists. The website is dedicated to Oncology issues. Here You can find information about the most modern methods of cancer diagnostics, preventive Oncology and treatment of cancer. We will help you to understand the causes of cancer, why cancer occurs and who is at risk for this serious disease. We sincerely hope that our work will help You in the fight against this disease. Take care of yourself and your loved ones!

On our website You will find

  • Recommendations to practicing oncologists
  • Schema and results of treatment of cancer
  • Reviews of the effectiveness of encapreppart
  • Nutrition recommendations for cancer patients